The management information (MI) available from Global Response systems is ahead of the industry. Its ease of access enables us to report to clients more expediently than other suppliers.

Our call routing system allows every call to be directed to the correct case handler in the shortest possible time, and our proprietary case management platform provides the call handler with all the relevant information regarding the case, ensuring that each call is dealt with efficiently and quickly.

Key Features:

  • 24/7 access to any of your claims with detailed case/claim history.
  • Intelligent reserving based on previous claim experience of diagnosis type and country
  • Live data feeds
  • Client Reporting Portal for secure and real time case/claim reporting
  • “Key stages” reporting
  • Customisable reports, data checked by our reporting team
  • Supplier spend
  • Recovery reporting
  • Underlying cause code reporting
  • Complaints reporting
  • Quality assessment reporting
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