Guidance for all claims

When you request a claims form your claim will automatically be registered in our database. Prior to issuing the claims form, however, we need to validate your identity, which may take up to 48 hrs. Once we have validated your identity a claims form will be sent to you. This will include a unique claim reference number which you must quote in all correspondence with us. We will also send you a letter confirming any other documents required to substantiate your claim.

To enable us to process your claim quickly and efficiently please ensure that you send us original documents where possible and that you have fully and clearly explained what it is you are claiming for and the circumstances that gave rise to your claim.

On receipt of your claims form and supporting documentation we will review your claim in accordance with the terms and conditions of your policy. An excess may be deducted for each person claiming. The details of any excesses which apply to your cover will be included with your certificate of insurance. We suggest that you carefully review your insurance documents as this will help you to understand the basis on which we settle your claim.

Where possible your claim will be settled by BACS transfer and we will correspond with you by email or post.

Remember that careful and full completion of the claims form will enable us to complete your claim quickly and efficiently.

Along with the claims form, you will also need to provide us with evidence of your insurance policy.

  • This should include your policy number and the date on which the insurance was issued. If you purchased insurance on line you may send us a copy of the email you received confirming your insurance. For details of the other documents which may be required by us please refer to our website and click on the appropriate section for the claim you wish to make.